Former Miss Texas USA Contestant Spills Behind-The-Scene Pageant Secrets

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Krystle Russin, a journalist and model, represented Austin in the 2008 Miss Texas USA pageant. She's penned an essay for the Huffington Post, titled "What Really Happens At Pageants."


Russin wastes no time and gets right to dishing dirt on her former competition:

I learned valuable information from eavesdropping in conversations among the over 100 contestants, things like the secret to losing weight in a weekend flush is Mexican laxatives you must buy online or across the border. If you spit out a pizza slice in a trash can after each bite you won't gain weight. Who cares if it looks really gross to onlookers? You're saving 500 calories! I also learned how restrooms smell after a load of girls vomit after catering…

Russin claims that her fellow contestants were ignorant, divas, rude to hotel maids, and alleges that half the women had implants, nose jobs and Botox. She also notes that when asked, "Who is the most influential Texan in history?" a contestant during the Miss Texas USA preliminaries answered, "Matthew McConaughey. He has funny movies and teaches us a lot about fitness." This answer earned her a spot in the Top 15. (While Russin calls many of the contestants "brainless," she manages to spell Farrah Fawcett's name wrong.)

The truth is, none of the allegations — including the report that booze and boyfriends were present in contestants' hotel rooms — are really that surprising. What is shocking is that Krystle Russin, a woman with the wits about her to write "I wonder when pageantry will stay where it belongs: the last century" entered the Miss Texas USA pageant to begin with. Why, as a writer and bright young woman, did she participate in a "beauty" "contest" for which the only requirement is that you can afford the entry fee? Her answer? "To put another notch in my belt… It seemed like a good idea at the time."

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Wouldn't it be a better idea not to have pizza at all, if you're not going to enjoy it? You could save not only 500 calories but also some $$. And the inevitable sauce-stain on the evening gown.