Former Marine Charged With Murdering Woman Who Wouldn't Date Him

It's a story with which we've all grown grimly familiar. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl doesn't like boy back. Boy brutally murders girl in retaliation. Boy was owed girl. How dare girl turn boy down?

Dante Taylor, a former Marine with a history of violence against women has been arrested and charged with second degree murder in the rape and murder of Sarah Goode, a young Long Island woman who he allegedly killed because she turned him down for a date. Her body was found last month, and according to the New York Post, the state in which her body was found was gruesome.

The single mother of a 4-year-old girl was sexually assaulted, authorities said. There was a "significant amount of blood in her vehicle," and "a large amount" of her hair hanging from the car window, Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Janet Albertson added.

Goode was beaten so badly, an autopsy found a small piece of metal lodged in her skull, said authorities, who did not identify a murder weapon.


The prosecutor added that Taylor's hair had been cut off by being closed into the window of her car.

The Post account of Taylor's arrest indicates that cell phone records and GPS tie the 21-year-old mother to her alleged killer. Taylor, who a friend described as a "troubled" young man, had previously served in the Marines for 7 months before being discharged. CBS doesn't indicate a dating relationship between the two of them, but a source who knew both parties told the Post that Taylor had an unrequited crush on Goode.


Taylor was allowed to serve in the Marines, learn to kill from the Marines, be trained by the Marines, despite the fact that in 2011, he was charged with attempted rape after another woman claimed he tried to sexually assault her by knifepoint in her bedroom. What an ideal candidate for additional combat training.

One of Goode's relatives had to be escorted from Taylor's arraignment after yelling "I hope you burn in hell, you fuck!" Which, to be fair, is probably the most rational possible reaction to facing the person who allegedly raped and murdered a person you love.


Shit like this is why women would rather make up an elaborate lie involving a fake phone number or a fake husband who knows karate than simply tell a man "no."

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