Former Escort Ashley Dupre: Prostitutes Help Keep Married Men Married

A few hours before her text messages to the New York Post was published this morning, Ashley Dupre, former callgirl to Eliot Spitzer, appeared live via webcam on Bravo's Watch What Happens to talk about Tiger Woods.

If anyone's wondering why Ashley's popping up, it's because she has a single out on MySpace, which Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen mentions at the end of the clip. Ashley makes a reasonable point that others have pointed out about the women who are currently claming that Tiger Woods cheated with them: "I was forced into this situation, I had no choice, and these girls for them to just come forward, I don't understand that, I don't know who would want what I have." Of course, Ashley is saying this on TV, so maybe they do want what she accidentally got: fame at any cost.

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Gawn Til November

hmm.. i thought i commented on this..

but i'd agree with that

I think there should be a legal way of releasing sexual tension without it being considered cheating...

like in Idiocracy... of course now its seen as cheating... but yea... whatever