Former Daily News editor, author of the Thrill of the Chaste and self-proclaimed re-virgin Dawn Eden is leading a panel of fellow "chastity all-stars" in order to discuss sex on college campuses. Or more likely, to discuss why girls on college campuses are such floozies and how to stop them from boning. The seminar, which will take place in D.C. on Tuesday, is called "Modest Proposals" and will eventually be aired on C-SPAN's Book TV. Gray rape "expert" and hook-up hater Laura Sessions Stepp will also be in attendance. [Mediabistro, Modest Proposals Event Info]

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OK, I agree that girls should be able to want sex as much as dudes without anyone's misinterpreting that as some kind of depravity or moral lapse.

However. Has anyone else noticed that women, particularly college-age women, have become, erm, atrociously sexually aggressive? I live in a small, college town, and weekends have become a game of "avoid the undergrads." The tubby, loud frat stars are part of that too, of course, but a big reason is the incredibly drunk, incredibly naked undergrad ladies who really seem to believe the their tits and their asses are the largest things they have to put out there. It's not liberating, it's sad, sad, sad.

I like to bone and be boned. A lot. But there is something going on with the ladies and sex and identity these days and I don't think it's got anything to do with being liberated.