"The legend of the modern roller derby has claimed its place in the Generation X canon: ... some tattooed, disaffected young women from Texas reimagined the sport as a symbol of postfeminist sisterhood."

"Tough, brash and calculatedly sexy, with a rockabilly swagger, the roller girls declared themselves She.E.O.’s, started a coast-to-coast cultural juggernaut and inspired books, reality TV shows and a forthcoming Drew Barrymore movie." But legend has ignored the presence of a shadowy figure known only as "Devil Dan," who essentially invented the sport's current incarnation. Although his vision of “a crazy circus with these clowns unfortunately stabbing each other, these bears on fire on these unicycles," never came to pass, he is regarded as insiders as "the progenitor of the modern roller derby," an odd footnote in a story otherwise for and by women. [New York Times]