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A flight attendant was in such a hurry to leave LAX Friday night that she left her carry-on bag—and the 60 pounds of cocaine inside it—behind. And if forgetting your luggage weren’t a bad enough way to start the weekend, our girl also left her Gucci shoes.


As we all know from Jackie Brown, cabin crew aren’t usually searched by the TSA (they’re too busy checking hair), but NBC news reports the unidentified and unlucky woman was selected for a random screening. They write:

[She] appeared nervous and made a cellphone call in a language not recognized by officers, authorities told NBC News. She was then taken aside to a secondary screening area and asked for her employee identification.

Suddenly, she bolted from the screening location, running with her bags toward an escalator, authorities said. She jettisoned the luggage and her designer shoes and fled the terminal.


Video of the incident exists, but has “not been released.” The moment it is, you have my word that we will update this post with an edit of it set to Yakety Sax.

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