Forget to Wear Sunscreen When It's Cloudy? Now There's Cloudscreen

Do you wear sunscreen everyday? Do you say you wear sunscreen everyday, but actually just smear on some SPF 15 moisturizer once in the morning and then fail to reapply after a few hours? And do you even think about sunscreen when it's cloudy outside?

We should all be wearing sunscreen every day. We don't. To combat this (and sell sunscreen), Neutrogena has a new campaign — and a new product: Cloudscreen. Actually, it's not a new product. It's an old product with a new name. It's sunscreen, but, as the animated, informative video above shows, many of us don't use sunscreen on cloudy days — and clouds don't block UV rays. Hence: Cloudscreen.


Ad Rants' Steve Hall accuses Neutrogena of "repackaging sunscreen for idiots," but this seems like a great idea. Just seeing the tube of cloudscreen on a drugstore shelf where the sunscreen usually sits would set off a lightbulb in my head — and spur me to make a purchase. Neutrogena even created a location-specific weather website to go with the cloudscreen (don't freak out: those temperatures are in Celsius). It's a smart campaign. My only quibble: If we need sunscreen — sorry, cloudscreen — so freaking badly, if it would help solve a heath crisis, why can't we get it subsidized or free? In New York, you could just put it in the bowl next to the condoms.

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