Regular or semi-regular watchers of The View probably noticed that in the months before and after Barbara Walters' departure, the show started experimentin' a little bit. Most egregiously, they introduced a new thing with viewer selfies, which allowed people to submit photos of themselves with the stars on the screen and I don't really know, feel like they're a part of the whole thing? It was blech. But anyway, there's more of that coming. Great.

In a press release Thursday, ABC revealed that the show was getting new hosts (though rumors abide that Whoopi's currently not pleased with her gig), a new logo, a new set and more of that social media stuff. Because of all this newness, they said that the new season of The View "is shaping up to be a season unlike any in recent history":

As part of the reinvention, "The View" has taken up residence in the ABC Broadcast Center. The new studio will now house a visually stunning, contemporary state-of-the-art set designed in the round and offering the addition of an on-camera social media station allowing the hosts to interact in real time with viewers. "The View" will also be branded with a new color scheme and logo, marking the first time in the show's history that it has changed significantly.

FYI "change is good."