Forget Sarah Palin...Let's Talk About Cindy McCain

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For the past two weeks or so, everyone-whether they hate her, love her, or feel party obligations to pretend to agree that a woman is up for the job of V.P.-has been all about Sarah Palin. My initial feeling about her is that I don't like her. She reminds me of my college roommate's mom-a woman who smugly flaunts her religion and suburban comfort, who's too busy riding her high horse to dismount and fix her family that's crumbling below. But even though I'm offended by her blatant moral superiority, I'm going to reserve full judgment until the 20/20 Charlie Gibson interview (the first clips of which air tonight on World News with Charles Gibson and Nightline).So until then, I'd like to focus on the sucktitude of Cindy McCain, because even though the New Yorker painted a sad picture of her, I feel like she's still slipping under the radar, which I find problematic. Particularly because the fact that even she isn't sure what her flip-floppity husband's stances are on certain issues is surely troubling for us as a nation, should he be elected president. During the RNC, Katie Couric sat down with Cindy and asked her questions about Sarah Palin, Creationism and Roe v. Wade. Cindy says that she's "on the record" as pro-life, although she believes that Roe v. Wade should not be overturned. If you are for women being able to have the legal right to make a choice, doesn't that make you pro-choice, whether you would or would not personally consider the option of abortion for yourself? Cindy's answers were so confusing that Couric actually had to call John McCain's camp to clarify what she really believes. Here's the clip in case you missed it.

And then there's the problem of people blindly buying into the image that Cindy has so carefully cultivated her whole life. Like this asshole, View co-panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who gleefully took the opportunity - during a luncheon she hosted in honor of Cindy - to tell tales out of school, and bash Michelle Obama for supposedly having a list of things that couldn't be talked about when she appeared on The View, and proudly proclaiming that Cindy has nothing to hide.

The only "view" of Ms. McCain that Hasselbeck has is of McCain's lower back, since she has her nose crammed so far up Cindy's ass. Cindy has plenty to hide. Like the fact that she claims to be an only child, even though she has a half sister. Or that she essentially stole the husband of a crippled woman. The irony in all of this is that Cindy McCain seems like my kind of girl: a pro-choice, pill-poppin' sharp dresser. But the fact that she tries to present herself to be as flawless as her ensembles is dishonest. And the fact that she can't even memorize what she's supposed to believe is stupid. And I don't like liars.



And the only child/half sister thing is such a stupid, ridiculous complaint. Sometimes I tell people I'm an only child because my mother has had nasty, nasty things said to her for having a child (my brother) out of wedlock and I'd like to spare her the vitriol.