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Foreign Affairs

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The Kanamara festival was held yesterday in Japan, which means the town of Kawaskai was inundated with huge pink and black penises, cross-dressers, and tourists posing for pictures with cock-shaped lollipops. The three-hundred year old fertility festival takes place near a phallus shrine and draws visitors from around the globe. "In general, traditional Japanese festivals are not very accessible to foreigners, but this one is different," says Kimiko Nakamura, the head priestess. (Haha, "head" priestess.) [Reuters]


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@JessicaLovejoy: Boosh and/or Kakow!: hahahahaha

Jealous...I live near San Fransisco (in the summer time) and I dont recall festivals of this type. Well, there is the gay pride parade but this Japanese one is VERY intriguing. I advocate the city provide us with some fertility festivals ASAP