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Over on Guanabee, writer Gabriel Caro has created something called "The International Fuckability Hierarchy Index: Latin Countries." Basically, where you're from dictates how much you get laid, and Caro has created a useful bar graph (as seen here) in which penises illustrate Spain's superior allure over Guatemala, for instance. Plus! "If your country's name has an ñ add 5 points; if your country has hosted, participated in, or applauded terrorist activity, subtract 5 points; add 5 points if Pablo Neruda ever lived in your country; if Che Guevara visited your country in one of his "reconnaissance" trips, do nothing but ponder the significance of it all; if your country is an island, subtract 3 points." The index also name drops Shakira, Benicio Del Toro, Daddy Yankee and, uh, Hugo Chavez. It's not right, but it's okay. [Guanabee]


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