Forbes Determines that Angela Merkel Is the Most Powerful Woman on Earth

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Forbes has released its list of world's 100 most powerful women, and, despite having a strong hand in what many Americans read over the summer, Oprah couldn't break into the top ten (she's glaring at those rarified ten from her perch at 11). Speaking of pop culture giants, J.K. Rowling is waaaay down the list at 78, which seems sort of weird considering that, in terms of influence, her books have left an indelible mark an entire generation of readers. The Harry Potter books and movies have no doubt been devoured by future government, media and business leaders, which means that Rowling should be inching up that list every year as her influence becomes more apparent. Basically, she's controlling everyone's imagination, nbd or anything.


The two most powerful/influential/overworked women according to Forbes were Angela Merkel (1) and Hillary Clinton (2). Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Melinda Gates and New York Times Executive Editor and dog-enthusiast Jill Abramson rounded out the top five.

The 100 Women Who Run the World [Forbes]

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EXCUSE ME? J.K. at 78?