For Your Cringing Pleasure: Texts From Straight White Boys

In this time of texting-based courtship, most women have probably endured an awkward text or two from a man trying to gently woo her with his overtly sexual questions and requests for nude photos. Straight White Boys Texting compiles these unfortunate attempts in one place so you can cry to yourself and long for the days of letter writing.

The name of this blog is based off of the phenomenon of the "straight white boy text" aka asking "hey what's your bra size ;)" in the middle of a conversation, or things like "what would you do if you were here haha lol ;)". Basically things that even if you want to sext with the person, they basically completely ruin the mood either because they're not sexy or because (in the case of the second) it pretty much puts all the sexting work on you.

The site's creator does note that the "straight white boy text" is largely a catchall term for all your sexting disasters and is not exclusive to the straight, white or even male.

A visit through the site reveals an impressive range of creepiness. The painful non sequitur is a favorite amongst the dudebro texting population.


And it's always lovely to see the backlash when their sweet nothings aren't well received.


There must be some sort of handbook given out to guys falsely informing them that throwing in an errant "lol" or "hahaha" totally neutralizes the creepy shit they just said.


We also learn that persistence doesn't necessarily get you anywhere when you're a sketchball.


It's hard out there, ladies. Be safe and never play the question game.

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