Ever wonder what kind of porn people are searching for right now? Wonder no more.

Here is a list of real-time porn searches on PornHub's network. It is a daunting and enlightening look into the human psyche and the very nature of desire. Also, if you are open-minded, it kind of reads like a provocative band name generator that's unusually plagued by spelling errors.

Some of the searches are very oddly specific; some are baffling; some are fairly predictable. Our favorites are as follows:

  • naughty bookworms
  • too drunk to orgy
  • mom tired (this is possibly the best because I imagine it's a weary suburban mom being like, "Not tonight, I just want to put my feet up and watch some Sex and the City.")
  • show one breast
  • farts
  • lucky girl
  • asian perfekt (so close on the spelling!)
  • anal vergine (keep trying!)
  • masculinity fail
  • pokemon hentai
  • son loser
  • feet caned
  • handjob outdoor (sounds very idyllic)
  • bug tits (less idyllic)

Masculinity Fail is clearly the best band name, followed by Bug Tits. Please feel free to share your own PornHub search feed findings in the comments!

H/T Charlie Warzel; image via Gajus/Shutterstock.