For The Katrillionth Time, Yoko Ono Didn't Didn't Break Up the Beatles

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Have you guys heard that the Beatles broke up? I KNOW, RIGHT?

Although the legend persists that Yoko Ono was the rift that caused the Fab Four's divide—in fact, Taylor Swift is being called the "new Yoko" of One Direction, as if those prepubescent Muppets are even sort of approaching Beatles territory—a 1987 interview that Ono did with rock journalist Joe Smith now printed on the Huffington Post specifically details that the rift between the group that was burgeoning whether she'd been there or not.


She told Smith that the Beatles were getting very independent" and John was "feeling very good about" a "divorce," a sentiment echoed by Paul McCartney in his own October interview ("She certainly didn't break the group up; the group was breaking up.") Nobody listens!

Each one of them [was] getting independent. John, in fact, was not the first one who wanted to leave the Beatles. [We saw] Ringo one night with Maureen [Starkey Tigrett], and he came to John and me and said he wanted to leave. George was next, and then John. Paul was the only one trying to hold the Beatles together, but the other three thought Paul would hold the Beatles together as his band. They were getting to be like Paul's band, which they didn't like.

Perhaps the most telling moment of the interview was when Ono told Smith that John Lennon missed the camraderie of his bandmates and "expected all that to be replaced by me." Man, it's gotta be hard when you're married to a genius. Just ask Courtney Stodden.

'Yoko Ono Talks Beatles Breakup and How It Was "Getting to Be Like Paul's Band' [E!]



I think everybody's pretty much accepted that Yoko wasn't to blame for the breakup of the Beatles. It's just that, despite the debunking, it remains a valuable pop culture shorthand. I, for one, use it as a verb .