For The First Time In Reality History, Rodeo Has Difficulty Crying

I don't really watch I Love Money to get involved in the competition but because I'd rather just kind of sit back and observe these people get drunk and make out and fight; it's kinda like reading a magazine but only looking at the pictures. But on last night's episode, the challenge was so good: The contestants all had to make themselves cry. They were allowed to use tools like onions, cigar smoke, hot sauce, and cayenne pepper, but one member of each team was restricted from using the tools and was only allowed to cry on command. Obviously, hilarity ensued. Clip above.

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@dayglo: Tweezers to pull nose hairs was one of the "tools" they got to use, in addition to the cayenne pepper, onions, and cigar smoke.

My favorite tool though? Was the Entertainer, who was persuaded to help out Brandi (I think) by slapping her in the face.