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So the BBC has a list of 10 Things That Make Blokes Cry, and while it's stereotypical to say that dudes don't cry that much and blah blah, most men are not big on crying in front of others. The BBC hits on most of the big reasons for manly misting, from being dumped to having a baby to losing at baseball (or having your favorite team lose at baseball). They left a major dude crying trigger out: the loss of a pet. I remember the only time I ever really saw my father weep was when our Siberian Husky was put down.


Like many big dogs, Indy's hips gave out on him, and the last night of his life, he couldn't come upstairs to sleep in my parents' room. So what did my dad do? He slept on the floor next to Indiana, and the next day, brought our ill-behaved fur mountain to the vet, crying copiously. The death of a beloved pet will make any macho dude break down and cry, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.When was the last time you saw a guy full on weep? And tearing up secretly at the end of a Hallmark commercial doesn't count.

10 Things That Make Blokes Cry [BBC]

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Jessica! MY dog's name was Indiana, too! Fun!

Last time I saw grown men cry...

Dad: When our finished basement flooded causing thousands of dollars of damage. He was, at the time, jobless with a wife and five kids. Also, material posessions take an almost talisman-like quality for my dad so it really triggered an emotional reaction.

Brother #1: Is emotional, so he cries all the time.

Brother #2: When he thought he was going to have to amputate his leg and that he would never walk again.

Brother #3: Never seen cry.

Husband: Wall-E... I'm dead serious. I had only seen him cry once before. But since that doesn't count, it would be the first time he let me down and knew it.