For Betty White, Bongs Are No Laughing Matter

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and Betty White joked that they would run for office together, and White revealed what she would never joke about.

Despite the fact that she's turned "older woman doing incongruous thing" into a cottage industry — in addition to her considerable other talents — White has some jokes she'll refuse to do. Drugs, for one thing, because apparently more than one genius has suggested that it would be hilarious to see her with a bong. And animals, since White is extremely active in anti-animal cruelty charities and is actually a commissioner of the Los Angeles Zoo.

But anti-Semitism? Let's just say she might be the next Helen Thomas.

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I'm totally going to brag now: I actually went to the taping of this yesterday and almost lost my shit when they said Betty White was going to be the guest. She was (duh) adorable and funny and the audience gave her a standing ovation. And I was happy to hear she had standards. Of course I've laughed at drug jokes, but she's right: in the long run, drug abuse isn't funny.