For 2 Grand, This Man Will Plump The Inside Of Your Pussy

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Today's Broadsheet column on Salon (via the SF Chronicle) clues us into yet another disturbing vagina-modification procedure that seems to be making the rounds: "The G-Shot". Touted as a method to increase sexual pleasure, "The G-Shot" is a two-thousand-dollar procedure invented by L.A. plastic surgeon Dr. David Matlock — he of the wonderful Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America! — in which collagen is injected into a woman's G-spot in order to increase its size, and, presumably, the patient's sexual response. Notwithstanding the fact that many sex experts — including the wonderful Betty Dodson — are skeptical about the very existence of such an area, and the fact that in order to administer the shot some doctors feel it necessary to "arouse" their patients, what does this all mean? Will the obsessive, aesthetic assault on our reproductive systems never end? Are cervixes next? Or, Lord help us, is our uterus ugly???


Perfecting Your Private Bits [Salon]
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Come a little Miroslav Klose You're My Kind of Man

@pimpmyPR: Full buttock(s) replacement? How does this work — liposuction of the individual's natural gluteus, then replacementy by collagen/silicone/other sacs?

Also, anal-bleaching is hilarious. When I saw the Tabitha Stevens anal bleaching on a "very special" Dr. 90210 (love that programme), I laughed for five minutes solid, thinking — nobody cares what colour your colon is, just as long as there are no warts or anything (also, no AIDS).