Foot Fetish

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Have you seen those cheesetastic and nasty commercials for PedEgg on TV? Apparently an actor-couple (also featured on the Amazing Race) featured in the commercial are super-pissed (and suing PedEgg's manufacturer) at the "cheap, low quality" of the ads and the fact they are being played worldwide on television. (The actors would have never agreed to appear in a commercial with "horror make up" on their feet if they knew they would be grossing out people worldwide.) Listen: if you are an unrecognizable contestant from a reality TV show you are not too good to appear in an infomercial, no matter how cringe-worthy it ends up being. [The Smoking Gun]


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There's one part in the commercial where someone opens up the PedEgg and there are all of these little shaved skin particles and it looks like sea salt and I want to throw up with the thought of how easy it would be to put foot skin on someone's food without them knowing.

If only the receptionist who didn't want to pour coffee had heard of the PedEgg. She could have sprinkled some shaved foot skin into the powdered creamer.