Foolhardy Princess Tries to Sneak Out of Hotel Without Paying $7.5 Million Bill

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Princesses are supposed to be the pictures of grace and propriety, but apparently one Saudi princess didn't get the memo. She tried to sneak out a Paris hotel in the middle of the night without paying the six million euro bill she'd racked up. (That's nearly 7.5 million American dollars or, as it is more formally known, "a shit ton of money.") It probably didn't help that she was toting her 60-person entourage along with her during her pre-dawn escapade. Gee, I guess the don't teach the art of the stealthy escape in princess school.

Maha al-Sudani, who is the former wife of Saudi Crown Prince Nayef ben Abdel Aziz, had been staying at the upscale Shangri-La hotel since 2011. She occupied the entire seventh floor of the hotel for which she was charged a cool 20,000 euros a night. The princess has been in trouble for racking up debts before. In 2009, she left Paris with about 15 million euros in unpaid bills for jewelry, clothes, and a hotel stay. She got in trouble with King Abdullah, who grounded her in a palace for two years. But she didn't seem to learn any lessons because as soon as she was free she went back to Paris and shacked up at the Shangri-La.

At the time of her attempted bolting, she'd paid about 10 million euros to the hotel, but she was apparently trying to skip out on the rest and move over to another hotel owned by some Qataris who she thought might be more forgiving of her inability to pay. Probably not anymore, since the Shangri-La called the cops when she tried to make a break for it and stiff them. Naturally, no charges have been filed since al-Sudani has diplomatic immunity, and interestingly the hotel now says it has no unpaid bills. So maybe she settled up her tab lest she be locked in a palace again? In any case, this princess will no doubt have to leave quite a hefty deposit next time she wishes to move into a posh hotel.


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