In the organic farming world, Amy Hepworth is a rock star. According to New York magazine, apparently foodies at Brooklyn's uber-smug Park Slope Coop are so obsessed with the farmer — known for her apples — that they line up before dawn to meet her truck and go to meet-and-greets. Although her family has farmed upstate since 1818, Hepworth is a rarity in the male-dominated world of farming. Unlike many farmers,Hepworth didn't have a father to guide her. But she sees her father's absence as freeing. "Traditionally, fathers indoctrinate their sons. I didn't have to follow anybody," she says. This autonomy has allowed Hepworth to pursue often-controversial methods of sustainable farming. The results speak for themselves in her rabid following. She, of course, takes this with a grain of salt; writes Susan Burton: "Hepworth comes home most nights streaked with hydraulic oil or rotten squash and is frequently reminded by her mother to comb her hair. She finds it entertaining that her job has become glamorous." [New York]


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