When we saw the phrase "food racism" used on CNN, we got all excited. Finally, someone is about to discuss grocery store discrimination and food deserts as a matter of public policy! Oh wait no - it's about tacos.

Over at CNN, Ruben Navarrette Jr. says to "Take food racism with a grain of salt" :

This week, I was on a talk radio show when the host โ€” a white male conservative (what are the odds?) โ€” asked me if Americans are so sensitive that we now have to worry about "food racism." [...]

ESPN broadcaster Bob Griese has been suspended for one week for a stereotypical crack he made about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya. During a recent ESPN broadcast, a graphic appeared listing the top drivers in a NASCAR competition. When fellow analyst Chris Spielman asked where was Montoya, Griese replied he was "out having a taco."

Griese has twice apologized on air for the remark, which โ€” according to ESPN โ€” he now realizes was "inappropriate." Montoya, who is Colombian, has taken the high road. Asked about the comment, the driver said: "Somebody mentioned it to me. I don't really care to tell you the truth. Yeah, I don't. I could say that I spent the last three hours eating tacos, but I was actually driving a car."

We're not going to debate whether or not the remark is racist.

We're not going to talk about the other issues raised in the article, particularly around the presidential primary.

We're not going to talk about the issues inherent in ranking acts of racism.

We'll just say this: it is always fascinating to see what the media deems an interesting conversation about race.


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