LGBTQ teens are half as likely to report being happy and are twice as likely to be physically and verbally abused, be socially excluded, and to experiment with alcohol and drugs, according to a troubling new report from the Human Rights Campaign. Focus on the Family affiliate CitizenLink's Jeff Johnston feels for those kids, he really does โ€” man, if only they didn't want to be gay so badly in the first place!

"There's lots of kids who are confused about their sexuality and identity, and for years, groups like HRC and other activist groups have encouraged them to self-identify as gay or transgender. That's just not good or healthy for these kids," Johnston said today.

You hear that, kids? If you're bullied because of your sexuality, it's your fault. But there's an easy way out: Just be straight! Or, you know, call yourself straight, and everything else will fall into place. (Wow, it's unsettling when your attempt at sarcasm mirrors Focus on the Family's agenda word-for-word.)

"You really don't get much more dangerous messaging than this," writes Jeremy Hooper at Good As You. "Not just offensive or unscientific, both labels that fit. This aggressive blind eye to the real problem in order to push a "pro-family" Christian agenda goes further than the common offense. This is truly and deeply dangerous stuff from adults who should know better."


The most dangerous part is that their rhetoric doesn't come from ignorance; Focus on the Family knows exactly what kind of message they're trying to convey to listeners. And they're pretty damn good at it.

Focus on the Family Blames Gay Teens and Activists for Unhappiness [GLAAD]

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