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Flight attendants in Thailand are demanding that a new soap opera, The Air Hostess Wars, be taken off the air after three episodes because they find the show offensive and demeaning. After watching a clip, one can see their point, though the show appears to be, in a word, awesome. Noppadol Thaungthong, a Thai Airways flight attendant leading the protest says, "It's all about sex and air hostesses beating each other up in the cabin because of love and jealousy. This kind of thing never happens." But it certainly makes for must-see TV! Click the picture for a video clip; it's in Thai but hot pilots, face-slapping and catfights need no subtitles. [Guardian]

[YouTube via Asian Sweetheart]

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Go, Thai Flight Attendants! Fight for your correct representation on TV. After all, every OTHER show representing various careers is 100% true to life!