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Flushing Your Tampon Should Be An Inalienable Right, Period.

Illustration for article titled Flushing Your Tampon Should Be An Inalienable Right, Period.

I dated a guy once who cared a lot about the environment. "I hope you don't use those awful plastic applicators," he told me once when I was on the rag. And I don't, because you can't flush plastic applicators, but I broke up with him anyway, and I would probably extend this policy to anyone who told me not to flush my tampons because of the environment or the pipes or whatever. In modern society our sewage systems should be equipped to handle whatever fluids we secrete on a regular basis, in addition to whatever amount of paper is required to absorb said fluids, and if that isn't the case, well, that is why it is great to be a plumber during a recession. The whole point of tampons is that you can flush them, and there is nothing more irritating to me than the male housemate who exclaims, once the first backup occurs, "Oh my god you've been FLUSHING YOUR TAMPONS?!"


Like, yeah motherfucker, that is what you do. I didn't choose to have a motherfucking period every month, but I was sufficiently blessed to be born in a country where most citizens have televisions and access to cars and the toilets are evolved many stages beyond the outhouses and holes in the ground used by our ancestors. So WHATEVER. I refuse to buy into this "don't flush tampons" crap when there are people who still can't pick up their dog shit and also people who charge their companies to fly around their own private jets and people slaughtering crippled cows and people mutilating other people's genitals...anyway, you get the idea.

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@thatsrealbutter: When my parents bought their first house they had major plumbing issues and called out a septic guy. He came over and opened that sucker up and it was FILLED with tampons from the previous owner, my mother was so horrified she didn't flush another one until she moved out.