Flush Away Your Fears

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Embarrassed about bathroom noise? Women in Japan can now purchase the Toto Otohime ("sound princess"), which mimics the sound of a flushing toilet in order to hide their more human moments. Get one for $36 - shame not included. [RandomGoodStuff]


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Little Green Frog

So, there are these ladies at my office that go in the bathroom while on the phone.

I am not talking about standing in the room, I'm talking about in the stall, doing their natural business while on the phone (yes, peeing, and flushing, and talking).

Is that NOT rude? The first time I was trying to not be too loud myself and give them "extra" background noise, but after the 3rd-4th time, I said fuck it. I am here for a purpose and they shouldn't be on the phone.


Should I print this article and put it in the bathroom? Or would that be rude?