Flowers In The Cellar

As mentioned previously, there's a 56-year-old man currently on trial in the UK who is being called the British Josef Fritzl because he allegedly raped his two daughters consistently during a 25-year period, during which he impregnated them 19 times in total. According to the Guardian, "His younger daughter told of the frightening habit her father had of putting her head next to the flames of their gas fire and that when she struggled to get away on certain occasions she burnt her eyes." For a timeline of this story, click on the picture at left. [Guardian, Guardian]From The Guardian:

1988 Teachers become suspicious when injuries are noticed on the face of one of the girls at school, but they are subsequently blamed on bullying. The other daughter stays away from school with a broken arm. During this time, and on several occasions over the next 14 years, doctors raise concerns with the sisters about abnormalities in the foetuses of their unborn children. One doctors tells a daughter not to have any more children with the same man and questioned the children's paternity. Any involvement with the father is disputed. Early 1990s The family move from South Yorkshire to live in small villages in Lincolnshire. 1997 The brother of the two women goes to police with "hearsay evidence" of incest. Police look into the claim but no further action is taken. 1998 One of the daughters phones ChildLine in an attempt to report the ongoing abuse. She asks for a guarantee that the sisters would be able to keep their children but hangs up when that cannot be given. 2004 The family move back to South Yorkshire, and while social services again become involved, the abuse is not detected. June 2008 The case comes to the attention of authorities. The father is arrested.


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