Florida Women Remember That Newt Gingrich is a Dick

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Mitt Romney decisively defeated Newt Gingrich in yesterday's Florida primary. What happened to Gingrich, who just a week ago was the GOP's golden man-boy, poised to issue a real challenge to Romney's assumed candidacy? Well, women happened.


The very rich Romney won the affections of Florida voters by lavishing them with all sorts of fancy presents: campaign ads. Signs featuring fonts sometimes used on country club signs. Something in Spanish that probably did not say "I can't have illegals working here! I'm running for office!" A full two seconds of sustained eye contact apiece.

But the big story in Mitt's win isn't his Monopoly Man on meth spending; it's his utter dominance with the ladies. Exit polls showed that female Florida primary voters preferred Romney over Gingrich by a margin 52% to 28%. And the polls revealed that the Romnettes didn't vote for Romney because they particularly like the former Massachusetts governor— they voted for him because they don't like Newt Gingrich. The AP reports,

Men said they generally viewed Gingrich favorably by nearly 2-1, but women were about evenly divided. In contrast, women expressed slightly stronger positive feelings about Romney as a person than men did.


Romney also did well with Hispanic voters, who preferred Mittens over Gingrich by a 2 to 1 margin. And old people loved Romney with his Reagan-grade hair and perpetual failure to come correct even more than the ladies and Hispanics.

So it appears that Gingrich's rise was short-lived, and perhaps the inescapable pompous bastardry that gave him a temporary boost ended up being his downfall. No one likes a philandering liar, no matter how much they demonize the liberal media.

Women strongly favored Romney [AP]

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My favorite part about this is how it's distracting everyone from seriously examining the ethics investigation against him the the House back in the 90s. He's one slippery little fucker, that Newt.

What's more, I've never seen him involved in anything that didn't turn into Drama City. The man is an absolute disaster.