Florida Woman Wants to Become 'Extreme' Human Barbie

Illustration for article titled Florida Woman Wants to Become Extreme Human Barbie

Florida's Lacey Wild is about to go under the knife for her 13th breast augmentation. This is because she wants to become the "extreme human Barbie."


She's spent a quarter of a million dollars on other plastic surgery procedures and doesn't know if she'll ever feel good enough about her body to stop.

She joins the latest Russian barbies, Alina Kovalevskaya and Valerya Lukyanov. Hopefully three doesn't make a trend.


Lead image via Daily Mail.

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Not to make this into a personal narrative, but why do doctors allow this? Why don't other plastic surgeons say "no, this is unacceptable!"?

My SIL is 24 and severely anorexic, in addition to being a Type 1 Diabetic. She's currently 5'8" and ~85lbs., has had her gallbladder removed and suffered kidney failure, and is on a pureed food diet since her body can no longer tolerate solid food. The latest body "problem" that she had was that she didn't have a thigh gap/her thighs were flabby, so she inquired about lipo. I thought the surgeon was going to reject her since this is not a person who is stable enough for any surgery, but nope! he's going ahead and doing it.

It's callous to say, but part of me hopes that she dies on the table so her suffering can finally be over.