Florida Woman Leaves Dog to Die As She Shops At Walmart for 13 Hours

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There are a lot of things to take away from the story. The first is that there are people out there who are horrible and will leave their dogs to die of heat exhaustion as they shop for low-price goods at unbelievable discounts. The second is that there are people who will spend 13 hours in a Walmart. What is the world coming to?

Cassaundra Rasmussen was arrested after leaving her dog in the car last thursday while she browsed the deals at Wallyworld. Thirteen hours later, she had not returned and her dog had died, passing away from heat exhaustion. Rasmussen must have known how hot it gets in Florida during the summer, so why the hell did she leave her dog? And what the fuck was so important inside the Walmart (THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A FABRIC SECTION ANYMORE) that she couldn't tear herself away to check on her companion animal?

Police say that another shopper reported Rasmussen after she noticed that the dog had died. Authorities say that the dog had no food or water and that the window was cracked, but that the air coming in couldn't compete with the heat of the car.


When Rasmussen was asked by police why she'd left the dog for 13 hours, she said that she'd forgotten the dog was there. Because deals, probably. This is just awful all around.

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I have this sick feeling that the public now knows that you can kill something (animal, kid) just by leaving it in a hot car. It's less physically aggressive than shooting/choking/drowning or poisoning. It's a getting to be a goddamned epidemic at this point and it's scary. I've been meaning to put a hammer in my car and that's happening today. I'll take it one step further and start trolling parking lots with my hammer. I have 10 minutes to spare on the daily. And if I ever have to use it, that hammer is going to "accidentally" slip from my hand when the owner returns.