Florida Prosecutor is Sorry Not Sorry About 'Crack Hoes' Facebook Post

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A Florida prosecutor who made a series of crass and insulting Facebook posts won't face disciplinary action. But don't worry! He is sorry that people got offended because the media blew it all out of proportion.


Kenneth Lewis (sort of but not really) apologized last week for comments he made on his personal Facebook page. Via WFTV:

"I used a poor choice of word in using the term 'crack hoe' instead of 'drug addict,'" Lewis said. "To those I unintentionally offended, I offer you my deepest apologies. I regret it was misinterpreted by some."

He went on to slam media on its coverage of the post, as well as coverage involving drug addiction, particularly crack cocaine.

"I believe if the media truly cared about the people they accuse me of offending that they would do stories about people on crack," said Lewis.

He also said, "I use hyperbole, sensationalism to get reaction from people to start discussing."

What kind of category of non-apology apology does this bullshit fall under? It's like a mix of "Sorry if you were offended" and "It's all the media's fault!" Yes, the media is entirely to blame for your shitty, racist comments, Lewis. Because the media doesn't report on drug addiction AT ALL. What a truly amazing example of deflection. This is like my dog screaming "WHAT ABOUT BENGHAZI??!!?" when I catch her peeing in the house.

Another post urged followers to change their profile picture to one of embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in support of Sterling's right to free speech.

Lewis's Response: "What I meant by that is that I think it's horrible that people can be without due process in any regard."

In another post, Lewis said that Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor hit the "affirmative action lottery" when she should have been working in fast-food.

When Channel 9 asked him about that post, he said it was a joke but also said he doesn't believe the constitution should treat anyone differently.


Besides, it doesn't really seem to matter because according to Lewis's boss, State Attorney Jeff Ashton, none of this is cause for any disciplinary action against him because of freedom of speech, naturally.

"I am not going to punish someone for what is clearly political speech," Ashton said.


Plenty of people aren't exactly happy with that response.

"If he wants freedom of speech, go in private practice," Lawanna Gelzer of National Action Network said of Lewis. "Not with my tax dollars. That's unacceptable."

"It's not just a blemish on the attorney, it's a blemish on the office," said Beverlye Neal of the National Congress of Black Women.

"I'm not satisfied and the reason being is because the statements that were made are reflective of his office and the principles that they stand upon," said Neal.


I feel sorry for the next drug addicted mother who has some sort awful crime committed against her and has to go to Ashton and Lewis for help in getting justice. But hey, maybe she'll get a nice Mother's Day card from Lewis for it.


Screencap via WFTV.