Florida Kittens Save Lives • NARAL Endorses Obama

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Two kittens meowed so loudly when a Jacksonville, FL building was on fire that they woke up one resident who was able to help everyone get out before the flames gutted the building. • Naral Pro-Choice America has endorsed Barack Obama. • That has pissed off some other pro-choice peeps, like EMILY's List prez Ellen R. Malcolm, who calls the endorsement "...tremendously disrespectful to Sen. Clinton." • A new study has found that chocolate consumption during pregnancy may lower the risk of preeclampsia. • Has the demise of "you" in text messaging has been greatly exaggerated? A study found that "you" was used over "u" 9 times out of 10. • Some dude in Sweden turned his girlfriend's cell phone into a bugging device: He taped it to the headboard of her bed and when he called her he could hear what was being said in the room. • Um, beer-flavored, non-alcoholic beer for dogs. Why? • Don't go around saying people don't read books anymore; we're in a "second golden age" for teen fiction. • An interesting story about sperm competition contains this info: "Men — even those with vanishingly low sperm counts — ejaculate more healthy sperm if they masturbate while watching sexual videos than if they do it while staring at the ceiling." •


• Oliver Burkeman of The Guardian writes, " There are few more wonderfully enjoyable ways to spend a touristy weekend in Manhattan than on a Sex and the City vacation package, unless of course you count buying a souvenir New York penknife and then repeatedly stabbing yourself in the face." • Chicks are more open-minded about smaller cars than men are. • Women are underrepresented in research focusing on significant health issues unrelated to reproduction. • Jennifer Sharpe of Dearborn, MI sold 17,328 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year, which is probably a new national record. Jennifer's mom says selling cookies has made her really confident. "When she first started selling, she was very shy and quiet and you had to push her out to talk to customers, but now she's right out there, first to the door."



@JessicaLovejoy: I think God put you here to test *my* faith...: "Your shit is on fire" will always make me laugh.