The Florida Family Association has renewed its quixotic holy war against Disney World's unofficial "Gay Day," which takes place on June 2 at the Orlando resort, hopefully at the Polynesian Resort because that place always seemed like the ideal location for an awesome gay luau. The FFA has said that it's so far raised $4,100 to hire some mustachioed veteran pilot to fly his plane all over the Magic Kingdom, towing a banner that warns families hapless enough to visit the park on June 2 about the insidious gay festivites they're exposing their precious children to. With the money they've already raised, the FFA can keep a banner plane in the air for 10 hours, but that's hardly sufficient β€” the group hopes to double its funds and keep the plane chugging around for 20 hours.

In its effort to raise more money to meet its 20-hour goal, the group released the following mission statement:

How would you feel if you entered the Magic Kingdom anticipating a normal day of fun with your family only to witness thousands of same-sex couples holding hands, hugging, kissing and wearing tee-shirts that promoted their lifestyle?

One Gay Day patron's comments best describes their goal 'We need to be seen in the heart of America's playground.' It appears from the behavior of Gay Day patrons that they were more intent on being seen rather than seeing Disney World.

Just like activists' attempts to gain access to youthful minds through LGBT characters in video games they also want to impact a captured audience of tens of thousands of children during the first Saturday of Summer Break.

LGBT characters in video games? Does that mean like Wario or something? The group claims that banner-towing is the most effective way β€” short of town criers β€” to inform god-fearing American families that they'll be "exposing their children to same-sex revelry" by planning a Disney vacation for early June. The banner tactic, however, is no novelty β€” the FFA reportedly spent $7,000 last summer on banners that read, "Warning Gay Day at Disney 6/4," which, when you think about how crowded Disney World can get, is actually doing all the gays a favor because now they don't have to wait in line behind a bunch of bigoted families to ride Splash Mountain. That's right, Florida conservatives, enjoy your two-hour wait and heatstroke β€” the Gay Menace triumphs again!

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