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Flip-Flops Out, Orthopaedics In

Flip-flops: The ultimate in comfortable warm-weather footwear? Apparently not! The little pieces of rubber are, in fact, seemingly no better than high heels, causing conditions like inflamed Achilles tendons, hammer toes, and fungal infections, amongst other things. Fun! Things may be looking up for the shoe-obsessed after the end of summer, however: The spectator shoe (or, in layman's terminology, the saddle-shoe) is apparently mounting a comeback, thanks to, among other designers, Prada. The irony of course, is that even though they're butt-ugly, they're probably pretty good for your feet. (God, we hate it when fashion designers are right.)

Trouble afoot with flip-flops [USA Today]
Paris Shows Reveal A Return To Pure Design [LATimes]


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Saddle shoes are not spectators: spectators are classic, saddle shoes were a fad. But a really, really adorable fad. How soon till the knockoffs?