Flicks For Chicks Compete Against Big-Budget Blockbusters

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Last summer was chock-full of dick flicks: male-character-dominated movies like Hulk, Hancock, The Dark Knight and Hellboy, among others. This summer, The Proposal is just one of a few films with female leads.


The thing is, while most of the female-driven movies are "small," their competition are the huge, big-budget blockbusters. My Sister's Keeper hits theaters right at the same time as the Transformers sequel. Julie & Julia will be released the same day as GI Joe. Will this counter-programming mean decent box office numbers for the movies with female leads? And why are the divisions between fare for men and offerings for women so pronounced? If you looked at the film releases for gender clues, you'd think that guys only like stuff that blows up and women only want to cry or watch people fall in love. As a woman, I have nothing against a tear-jerker or a rom com, but I'm also interested in thrillers, adventures, spy intrigue and general comedy. I love movies, but My Sister's Keeper and The Proposal don't exactly feel like they're tailored for me, and I'm not dying to see either of them.

But one of the most interesting things about The Proposal is that it was written by a man, pretending to be a woman. Peter Chiarelli penned the script, but put the name "Jennifer Kirby" on it when shopping it around. He tells MovieLine:

It was all about deception and lies, as opposed to wanting people to think a woman had written it. It was about not wanting them to think that I had written it, not anything socially relevant.

Except it is relevant, because it proves that guys don't only think about blowing shit up.

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liz.lemonade: She is beyond good and evil.

I love watching shit get blown up. Independence Day is *awesome*. Aliens annihilating national landmarks! WHEE!

I just have no interest in watching shit get blown up in any of this summer's lackluster movies.