Flavor of Love 3 premiered last night, and if you thought that the series — an elimination-based dating show in which the "winner" gets to "kick it" with Flava Flav — was offensive before, well, you ain't seen nothing yet. In the clip above, Flav nicknames a pair of twins "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" after his favorite characters in The Cat in the Hat, then sits down with two other women, who argue over who can make the best fried chicken. Despite this, this season is shaping up to be the funniest (and weirdest, given one contestant's fixation on "reproducing", i.e., bearing Flav's baby) of the series. Could it be that the show's over-the-top offensiveness is a sort of "fuck you" in response to the September 25 congressional hearing "From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degrading Images" at which Viacom executives testified? Or does it simply underscore the fact that people who go on reality shows seem more than willing to degrade themselves? Whatever the case, cognitive dissonance makes this show a lot of fun. Clip above.