Flavor Flav Draws The Line At Herpes

On last night's episode of Flavor of Love 3, the girls were split into two teams and given the sadistic task of "roasting" one girl of their choice from the opposite team. Thing is, because the roast wasn't coming from a place of love and respect, it was just a bunch of girls telling mean jokes. One of the girls roasted was Hotlanta, and after sitting through jokes about her weight, vagina odor, and career as a stripper, she was then accused of having oral herpes. Flav got freaked out by the whole thing (guess he didn't get the memo that herpes is so whatevs) and had a doctor perform a weird test on her. Weirder than that is the idea that Flav managed to avoid contracting herpes during the first two seasons of this show. Clip above.


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Since when is oral herpes an STD??!! Most people get cold sores for the first time in their childhoods. Chicken pox, the shingles, cold sores, genital herpes, it's all in the same family but not the same thing!