Flattery Will Get You Nowhere With Veteran Reporter Helen Thomas

Rory Kennedy's documentary about longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas, Thank You, Mr. President, premiered last night on HBO, and Thomas glowed as the thoughtful, intelligent woman she's widely known to be. Here, she's discussing an interaction with President Richard Nixon during a press conference in the thick of the Watergate controversy. At the beginning of the conference, Nixon congratulates Thomas on becoming the first woman to head UPI's Washington bureau. Thomas was planning on asking Nixon a hardball question, but briefly reconsidered since Nixon had so publicly complimented her. "What would America think?" Helen asked herself. But then she asked herself a more important question: "What are my peers going to think? That flattery will get you everywhere!" Clip above. (Full schedule of other showings here.)Earlier: "Excuse Me For A Second," But, Helen Thomas Is An American Patriot Longtime White House Reporter Helen Thomas Is Critical Of Even Her Own Behavior

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@NefariousNewt:I don't belive in violence, really. But I said that he was delusional and it was not a Republican diss, it was a Bush diss, because he and his people are insane. @Chryss: Love the comedy of that film. Do you think Bush would ever be able to do something like that? HELLS NO.