Flashback: Madonna And Sandra Bernhard On Letterman

I'm totally on a Sandra Bernhard kick right now. Remember when she was all best friends with Madonna in the late '80s until they had a huge falling out, (reportedly over Madonna stealing Sandra's GF Ingrid Cesares, DYKE DRAMZ!)? Here is their infamous 1988 appearance on Letterman, where the two are wearing matching outfits, and Sandra talked about sleeping with both Madonna and Sean Penn.


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@dcdulce: gah! I rocked that baby dyke, activist-y, look in the late 80s and early 90s. I lived in white Hanes t-shirts, rolled cut-offs and doc martins and really came off more like nkotb.

@HelloNos: Indeed. It's also amazing that they would appear all fucked up and grunged out, making lots of sexual references and crazy shit. Now, it would be all a funny story from my wedding night and wearing some skimpy ass, boob-baring ensemble. Not that there is anything wrong with boobs. Or their baring.