Hooray for the internet!

If the internet isn't a safe space for men to share their experiences of waking their dads up in the middle of the night to drive them to the hospital to get still-vibrating rogue dildos removed from their colons, then THE TERRORISTS HAVE WON. (Or whatever the preferred nomenclature is for people who terrorize American heroes by telling them not to talk about hilarious butt stuff.) Fearless Twitter user Grawly stuck it, vibrating, right up to the man this week, after inadvertently reverse-swallowing a small vibrator during a moment of mindless passion. His story is surprisingly unselfconscious and charming—a lesson in facing one's foibles with candor and grace. You should really go read the whole thing. In the meantime, here's a brief highlight reel:

Guy livetweets hospital trip with a vibrating dildo stuck in his butt [DailyDot]

Image via @Grawly.