Five Things You Should Know About the Little White Girl Ruining Hip Hop

When we first saw Kitty Pryde, she was mumble-rapping about snorting pills, drunk dials and Bud Light Lime on "Okay Cupid." When we last saw Kitty Pryde, she was hanging out with Riff Raff in a motel room and we were feeling kind of worried about that. Now 19-year-old Kitty is back — she's dropped the "Pryde"— and calling herself the "little white girl ruining hip-hop." Her new EP, D.A.I.S.Y. Rage, dropped today — free on Tumblr.


Here's some stuff you should know:

  • 1. She knows X-Men fans were pissed about her calling herself Kitty Pryde. That's why she changed it to just Kitty, she tells Rolling Stone:

    If somebody was calling themselves James Franco and I really hated their music and every time I Googled James Franco, I was seeing somebody I hated, that would suck because then I wouldn't be seeing James Franco.

    2. According to the Daily Beast, "her goal, she says, isn't to get taken 'seriously' as a rapper." Not sure there's any danger of that.

    3. Also, she doesn't really think she's that good. "I never thought I was gonna make music at all because I'm not really very good at it."

    4. Three weeks ago, she posted a note on her Tumblr explaining that when she was making videos last year, she was also battling an eating disorder:

    the way i look in the orion's belt video and a few other videos (the tumblr closet one, etc) - that isn't good. the reason i don't look like that anymore is because i was dying…my organs were failing, bad stuff was goin on with my body.

    She claims to be eating now, and warns fans:

    i don't ever want to get another message asking for tips on how to get the bruised up/thin hair/no sex drive (u can't get wet when ur malnourished imnot joking)/bad skin/sleep 15 hours a day body i had over the summer. if you want to look and feel like i did you're a fucking moron and i will straight up tell you that forever

    5. Even if you're not a big fan of her music — I'm not; although she has some good ideas and fun rhymes, they sound better in low-fi, raw YouTube videos than they do in produced tracks — you've got to admit it's pretty awesome she has a track called "Scout Finch Bitch".


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Who? - Seriously.

ETA this is a commentary about her (the rapper) idea that i've heard about the little white girl ruining hip hop