Five Journalists Who Also Worked in Strip Clubs

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Leave it to Houston Press writer Richard Connelly, author of "The 10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List," to wring his hands upon learning that Houston Chronicle writer Sarah Tressler was also working at a strip club. Tressler — who just gave her first interview this morning on GMA — is just part of a rich tradition: You could cover the walls of every champagne room in New York with the clips of journalists who have worked in strip clubs. Here's a handful to start with.


1. Diablo Cody
During her time in Minneapolis, the Oscar-winning screenwriter wrote for the Minneapolis City Pages and hosted her Pussy Ranch blog on its site. As you might have heard, Cody also stripped and worked in a peep show.

2. Michael Precker
Precker is the one person on this list to go from the newsroom to the strip club. The Dallas Morning News foreign correspondent took a buyout in 2006 after Dawn Rizos, owner of Dallas gentlemen's club the Lodge, offered him a job. He became a manager at the club, which has a reputation for treating its dancers very well and has also been in the news for embarrassing Newt Gingrich with its donations.

3. Sheila McClear
Before (and after) working at Gawker, McClear performed in the Times Square peep shows and danced in strip clubs. The Observer sort of outed her when reporting on her memoir, but not with the shocked tone of the Press's Tressler story. She now writes for the New York Post and published her memoir, Last of the Live Nude Girls, in 2011.


4. Elisabeth Eaves
Eaves worked at the Lusty Lady in Seattle while studying at the University of Washington. She published an acclaimed memoir about dancing, Bare, in 2002. Eaves went on to be opinions editor at Forbes, published the travel memoir Wanderlust last year, and is a columnist at The Daily.


5. Ruth Fowler
U.K.-born Fowler danced in Manhattan in part because stripping was a job she could get without papers. She wrote for the Guardian and published her memoir, No Man's Land (published as Girl, Undressed in the U.S.) in 2008. She also suffered consequences for moonlighting. Fowler was fired from Flashdancers because of her journalism after the New York Times published an article about her stripper blog.


Susan Shepard is a stripper who hopes her boss doesn't find out that she writes.


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I thought for sure Andy Rooney had done some stripping long ago. Oh well.