With Disney's classically-animated The Frog Prince set to be a holiday hit, the company has released concept art from its next animated venture, a 3-D version of Rapunzel, scheduled for the 2010 holiday season. It actually looks pretty cool.

The classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale has some decidedly PG-13 moments that will no doubt be left out of this production. For example, the Prince knocks Rapunzel up and attempts suicide when the enchantress finds out and hides Rapunzel from him — plot points that could make this movie Disney's first "very special episode" animated feature. But won't. But these pictures sure are pretty!

The enchantress locks 12-year-old Rapunzel in this architectural marvel after her parents steal rapunzel weeds from the enchantress's garden.


Disney's last animated heroine with blonde hair was Aurora in Sleeping Beauty in 1959, who, along with Cinderella, Tinkerbell, and Alice In Wonderland was one of a whopping four yellow-haired Disney protagonists to come out of that decade of conformity.

In the original fairy tale, it was Rapunzel's beautiful singing voice that first enchanted the prince. This scene could be reminiscent of Disney's Sleeping Beauty (but much cooler-looking.)


"Part of your....woooorrrrld."


They don't need spoiler alerts for Disney fairy tales. This looks (almost suspiciously!) like Walt Disney World's nightly fireworks show.