First Look at the Snooki & JWOWW Show

Here's a preview of the Jersey Shore spinoff — titled Snooki & JWOWW — that was supposed to be about two single girls and their friendship. But because of Snooki's situation, it's instead about a single woman trying to make the most of this MTV development deal after her friend went and fucked it up for them by getting knocked up and subsequently engaged. According to paparazzi shots — snappers were on the pair like flies on shit during filming, when Snooki was first rumored to be in the family way — the girls only lived in their Jersey City apartment for less than a month to work on this project. The preview doesn't really show us much of anything. JWOWW (whose name is all caps now, BTW) gets her dogs dyed. Snooki wears bows. That's basically it. The most interesting aspect of this endeavor is finding out, once and for all, if Snooki is still as interesting when she's sober.


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Cathe Poppins

Wait— Snookie thought she couldn't get pregnant? It highlights the sad state of sex ed in the US.