'First Lady Of Star Trek,' Majel Roddenberry, Dead At 76

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Majel Roddenberry, the widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, died of leukemia on Thursday at the age of 76. But don't think Roddenberry was your typical Hollywood wife.

Roddenberry was known as the "First Lady of Star Trek" and had been involved in Star Trek since the show's pilot, when she played brunette Number One, and later took on small roles in the original show, ranging from the blonde Nurse Christine Chapel to the voice of the ship's computer. She recently completed recording the voice of the USS Enterprise for the ship's computer in the upcoming Star Trek movie directed by J.J. Abrams.

Roddenberry was also dedicated to keeping a Star Trek fan legacy and extremely proud of the show's fans, whose conventions she made frequent appearances at:

"Star Trek" and its successors often focused on political and philosophical issues of the day. Roddenberry and her husband, who died in 1991, believed in creating "thoughtful entertainment" and were proud of the show and the passionate devotion of its fans, Rossall said.

"My mother truly acknowledged and appreciated the fact that `Star Trek' fans played a vital role in keeping the Roddenberry dream alive for the past 42 years. It was her love for the fans, and their love in return, that kept her going for so long after my father passed away," her son said in a statement on the official Roddenberry Web site.


She was born Majel Lee Hudec in 1932, where she acted in small TV roles when she met her future husband in 1964 during a guest role for The Lieutenant, which he produced. The couple married in 1969 and had one son.

In a town where the wives of top executives are often rarely seen in the public outside of the charity circuit, Roddenberry embraced the Trekkies. Her level of involvement and dedication to the show's fans was and is rarely seen in Hollywood, and the Star Trek fans loved her for it.

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Her Nurse Chapel was one of the reasons I loved the original Start Trek. Her unrequited feelings for Spock made an interesting sideline on the show. Too bad it was never played up more.

Rest amongst the stars, Majel.