First Lady Candidate Tongues Are Sharp; Pierced

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OMG today is chock-full of little morsels about the potential First Ladies and/or First Lady's Man that mean nothing and yet everything at the same time!

  • Elizabeth Kucinich has a tongue ring. Maybe you knew this already but still!

    And speaking of jewelry, Bill Clinton is so romantic he is always buying Hillary things such as this Chanel watch that reminded him of teeth (Hillary's favorite erogenous zone, ha ha, ouch!)

    OMG Elizabeth Edwards UNSUBSCRIBE: "Hillary Clinton in 1992 is a lesson in what not to do. She was dismissive of the range of options women had chosen, declaring, 'I don't bake cookies. . . . I don't stand by my man.' That turned off some people." Um, yeah and the fact that Laura Bush ripped off the line in the Administration's sole well-received move since like ever means...

    Elizabeth maybe should take a hint from Michelle Obama, quoted at a rally in the just-out November O:

    My ability to get through my day greatly depends on the relationships that I have with other women. Y'all know what I'm talking about. We have to be able to champion other women. We have to root for each other's successes and not delight in one another's failures. If there is anyone who has a broken relationship with another woman, if there is a woman in your life that you have not communicated with because of ego or embarrassment or jealousy or fear of rejection, a sister or a friend or a mother or a child who could or should be a part of our community, I ask you to reach out to that woman today."

Oh man, all that and a gracious loser! Someone give this lady a show! You could add Judi Giuliani and it would be sort of like The View!



I love Michelle Obama. Why is Elizabeth Edwards constantly attacking Hillary? I mean, I get it. Her husband is running for President. But it doesn't look so hot that she keeps ripping into Hillary as a woman and not for her policies. It's starting to really get on my nerves. And I love Michelle Obama, I say again. She's awesome. And she's right.