First Impressions: Rosa Cha Show "Kind Of Like A Joke From Zoolander"

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Moe, Jennifer and Nikola (our photographer) needed sustenance following the Catherine Malandrino show, so while they eat, we'll check in with Dodai, who is at the Rosa Cha show, set to begin at 2pm. (Ha!). Apparently, there are some C-list celebs in attendance! After the jump, the live-blog.


1:52: "Everyone around me speaking Portuguese." 1:52: "I mean Brazilians galore." 2:17: "Ivana Trump is here." 2:18: "With hot young boyfriend." 2:19: "By the way, yesterday at Baby Phat was also Ivana not Ivanka. I think my brain was fried." 2:20: "Mena Suvari just sat down. Her earrings are huge but mine would be too if my hair was that short." 2:22: "Nigel Barker! So tall, so beautiful. Sigh." 2:23: "Um, older rock star, maybe Nikki Sixx?" 2:26: "JC Chasez is here LOL." 2:28: "Ooh, the old guy with walking stick and hat, I heart him. he is wearing plaid zoot suit pants." 2:37: "I was allowed to move closer, yay." 2:38: "Daisy Fuentes?" 2:40: Someone who may or may not be Joy Bryant." 2:48: "It's starting." 2:49: "The music is Brazilian of course." 2:50: "Okay, this one has a copper rib piece on outside like she was attacked by that thing from alien." 2:51: "Jesus, the bottoms of these suits are small." 2:52: "Color-blocked one piece with molded strapless cups, not so bad." 2:53: "Another suit with, like, plastic and metal scraps and shapes down the front WTF. I don't think you can go in the water." 2:54: "These old fashion molded cups are freaking me out." 2:55: "Okay one suit has abstract shark face on it, haha. Um, one lone dress just went by." 2:56: "Okay another color block dress. White suit twisted in front with um a crystal covered cape attached." 2:57: A futuristic suit with metal pieces." 2:58: "I feel like really confused." 2:59: "Black model in hot yellow suit. Best thing I have seen so far." 3:00: "Green bikini with pointy cups. I really don't even have words to describe what I am seeing." 3:02: "One white suit had spider web cut-outs on side." 3:03: "It's over. It was kind of like a joke from Zoolander."



i bought a couple of rosa cha bikinis from loehmanns' once, and wouldn't you know, i ended up going completely naked on the beach because WEARING them on the beach was actually more obscene? it was on fire island, which is bathing-suit optional, btw. the worst one was all hardware and red cire and was very, very tiny.