First Impressions: Hot Guys & Star Jones At Tracy Reese Show

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Dodai is over at the Tracy Reese show with "standing room priority" status. Hope she gets in! Here's what's happening there so far: 11:15: "No one needs to be told this, but Nigel Barker is all-caps HOT!". 11:16: "I saw Angela Davis Jr I think. Doesn't she have a huge blonde fro?" 11:18: "Star Jones in the house." 11:21: Tim Gunn! Yay! 11:22: "Some very stylish older black people which I love, one dude has cane and boater hat like in old movies." 11:24: "Andre Leon Talley!!!" 11:27: Danyel Smith editor-in-chief of Vibe. 11:31: "Omg! I got a seat!" 11:32: "But I can't see now!" 11:34: "I think I see Veronica Webb. Love her." 11:37: "By the way, it is hot in here. Fashion is sweaty." [Is this gonna start soon? -Ed.] 11:40: "Okay, it's starting." 11:42: "Huge black straw hats with ladylike black dresses. Very tailored."


11:43: "Velvet frock coat in bright henna." 11:44: "Sequins! On baby-doll dresses and cropped collarless jackets. Really sweet patterned sundresses." 11:45: "Gorgeous black dress that looks like ribbons. Comes in white too." 11:46: "Lavender bikini with matching parasol!" 11:47: "Foxy navy swimsuit cover-up. Also: These parasols are amazing. They're embroidered." 11:48: "Khaki dress not so great." 11:49: "Ooh, cherry v-neck dress so cute. Stevie Wonder's 'Golden Lady' is playing." 11:50: "Yellow halter dress with ruffles. 11:51: "Bikini top with matching full skirt in soft cherry-red pattern." 11:52: "Super foxy plunge v-neck dress with ladylike sleeves. White jumpsuit with huge white hat." 11:53: "That was like having a refreshing bowl of sorbet!"



oooh Tracy Reese is the best! Love love love love.