First Impressions: Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. Line

Dodai's report: 8:44: "Sophia Bush is in the flashbulb fray in front row. Also, Eve! Also, Gavin and baby Kingston! 8:45: P. Diddy sat next to Gavin!" 8:46: "Diddy just played with baby." 8:49: "Kingston is wearing tiny True Religion jeans I think." [Uh, what about the show? Wasn't it supposed to start at eight???? -Ed. ] 8:52: "Okay, clothes." 8:52: "Adorable plaid jacket." 8:53: "60s mod hair. Plaid skirts in different lengths. Music: Reggae and the Clash." 8:54: "Obvs." 8:54: "Everything is so cute!" 8:55: "Little suits with shorts and swingy dresses." 8:56: "Ruffled leopard dress." 8:57: "Ooh, bag I like!" [Uh-oh. -Ed.] 8:57: "Rosettes on lapels." 8:58: "Leopard print dress, muted." 9:00: "Not loving see-through lace top with zippers." 9:01: "Kingston is wearing ear protection by the way." 9:09: "Okay, it's over. Gwen came out and picked up Kingston and took him with her backstage." 9:10: "As I was leaving I found a dollar on the floor!"


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